2016/2017 Updates for Donors

2015/2016 Updates for Donors

Scholarships in the Nepali villages of Dhital and Kaskikot for students of the Dalit (untouchable) caste to attend private school:

2015/2016 – We have continued to add students as funding allows, and begining in April of 2016 will have a total of 54 students (27 in each village). Milton Burke and Greg Thoma visited both villages to see the program in action. Follow the link above for details.

2014/2015 – In addition to providing scholarships for the previous 15 recipients and the 3 replacement students we were able to add 9 new scholarships in each village. That brings our total number of scholarship students to 36, 18 in each village. Our hope it to continue supporting all of these children and, if possible, to sponsor a new group of Nepali children each year.

2013/2014 – In addition to again providing scholarships for the original 12 recipients we added 3 new scholarships in each village. All 18 students again achieved a high degree of success, and were passed to the next level. Unfortunately 3 of the original 12 students will be moving from their respective villages. These 3 scholarships will be awarded to other children in the villages.

2012/2013 – We provided 12 scholarships, 6 in each village. All 12 students did exceptionally well and passed to the next level.

Scholarship Recipients From Our First Three Years

Dhital Village                                                                                                                                Kaskikot Village

2012 Scholarship Recipients

                     Dhital Village                                                                                                         Kaskikot Village

2013 Scholarship Recipients

                       Dhital Village                                                                                                              Kaskikot Village


2014 Scholarship Recipients

                       Dhital Village                                                                                                 Kaskikot Village – Ceremony



Dharamsala Water Systems

With the help of the LHA charitable trust and the generosity of some area donors, all seven schools now have water filtration systems.  The first two systems we funded independently, and we participated in the funding of several others.