To our donors:

In line with our intention to stay as directly and personally involved with our projects as possible, we want to provide an update on how your donations have been spent.

In April of 2016, we added 4 new students in each village.

The Dhital School Yard
The 2016 Dhital School
Scholarship Class.

Kaskikot school
The 2016 Kaskikot School
Scholarship Class.

The Dhital Scholarship Students with Teacher.

The Kaskikot Students with Families and Teachers.

Above are (almost) all of the students from both villages.  Nepali schools have rank-in-class even for 4-year-olds in the nursery class–our kids are doing very well. Quite a few are at or near the top of their class.
We continue to hear from Ram and Harka that the students’ parents are very grateful for the education their kids are receiving. Since hope is not in very high supply among the lower castes in such poor villages in a very poor country, it remains satisfying to realize that HVF has become, in part, a distributor of hope for better futures in these two small villages.

Physical Education Class
 Machapuchare across Pohkara Lake
April is the start of a new school year in Nepal and will also begin our sixth year of scholarship funding in Dhital and Kaskikot. In 2016, we added 4 new four-year-olds to our rolls in each village; This year (2017) we will add 2 new students in each village, and our estimated average cost for each of the 56 students in the two schools will be $200 per student due to a favorable exchange rate with the dollar. Our initial class of students will be entering 3rd grade this year (2017). Their accomplishments (of which we are most proud) would of course not have been possible without your generous help. We’ve all done it together.
None of us board members at HVF is well-suited to aggressive fundraising, but we have been encouraged to start an Indegogo campaign to raise awareness and funds for the 2017 school year which begins in April.  We want to thank you on behalf of the students and their families for the opportunity that your support has provided them. And we want to assure you that anything you contribute will be used directly and entirely to provide scholarships for these extremely endearing underclass Nepali children.
By the numbers as reported from the managers, Ram and Harka – Combined total is $10,840 (USD). The details are shown below.
Himalayan Oppressed Scholarship Committee (Kaskikot)
4 Students = 20490*4 = 81960 Rupees.
Lower Kindergarten:
5 Students = 20390*5= 101950 Rupees.
Upper Kindergarten:
9 Students = 21290*9= 191610 Rupees.
5 Students = 22390*5= 111950 Rupees.
4 Students = 23290*4= 93160 Rupees.

Total amount Required for 27 Students = 580630 Rupees.

Bright Future Education Group (Dhital)

4 Students = 20630*4 = 82520 Rupees.
Lower Kindergarten:
5 Students = 19940*5= 99700 Rupees.
Upper Kindergarten:
9 Students = 21150*9= 190350 Rupees.
4 Students = 22190*4 = 88760 Rupees.
5 Students = 23150*5= 115750 Rupees.

Total amount Required for 27 Students = 577080 Rupees.