NO OVERHEAD.  We pledge that 100% of donations will be used to fund the projects we identify. (The single exception to this rule will be the cost of using Paypal to manage the donate option on our web site.) No member of our organization will receive a penny in compensation. We will bear any expenses we incur in traveling to India and Nepal to identify projects or in fund raising.

DIRECT, PAINSTAKING, ON-SITE INVESTIGATION OF ALL PROJECTS WE FUND.  We will recommend for funding only those projects that members of our board have carefully researched, first hand.

A RESOLUTELY SMALL SIZE AND SIMPLE STRUCTURE.  We will start small and stay small. Complicated projects funded distantly will not interest us. We will confine ourselves to funding modest projects that will provide immediate demonstrable benefits to those villagers we serve.

A SIMPLE, PERSONAL APPROACH TO RUNNING OUR ORGANIZATION.  Because we will be small, we can readily make ourselves accessible to anyone interested in our projects. And we can provide help to villagers whom we have come to know personally. Previous person-to-person contact with some Indian and Nepali villagers has led quite directly to the formation of this non-profit. Such personal interaction will be foundational to who we are.

THE ENTHUSIASM OF AMATEURS.  The word “amateur” is derived from the Latin verb for “to love.” It is our affection for these peoples that motivates us to attempt to help them in spite of our lack of experience.